Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After 6 month

I just realize it had been 6 month since my last post.

I know not much people read my blog but it is ok, I just write to express my feel.

So Today is 20/5/2014(let see when will be my next post?)

My birthday is on 25/5,5 more day to my birthday.

I like my birthday and dislike it at the same time.

I like it because the number is nice and cute(?),but i dislike it because my birthday always on a holiday.NO celebration during kinder garden and primary school.That kinda sad, but when I was young my parents always celebrate my birthday..

Any this year MR T plan to buy a cake for me, which suppose to be a surprise but he told me right after he book the cake.I am happy because we have being together for 2 year+ the previous two year there were no cake from him and other.

I won`t say "as long as he with me,cake does not matter" or "as long as he with me I don`t need any celebration".

I have to admit,I am realistic person but at the same time I wish some romantic moment too.

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