Friday, August 23, 2013

1st post during 2013?

Aha,I am back after long long time disappear from this blog.*clear spider web*

Today,at this moment,it is already 23/8/2013.

So,this year is a wonderful year for me.I went to collage make new friends,learning accounting,still doing cosplay.

This is my look during the earlier of the year...technically no different..haha

So now let start my 2013 journey until today:DD
for normal life.Cosplay will be write in separate post:D

So early of the year.This thing happen in my kitchen.

This happen during a sunday morning which I woke up really early to get ready to class(a sunday with class,sad enough!)
I was blur,and walking in to bathroom,but i felt somthing wrong with the kitchen floor,when I first saw this i thought it was a earthquake!
nope it is not earthquake,malaysia don`t have eartquake(at least my place no)
i guess this happen due to the hot weather of the period..
and after few month dad came here to fix this.
Next,24/1 I went for this with Mr darling.To be honest I go only for the twisted fries and pineapple pie and the drink,the burger I don`t like much bbq sauce.
The next day,I found this in my bathroom!
friend said it is leech, very brave mr T catch it with a plastic bag and throw it away.Sorry mr/mrs leech,but i don`t want u be kill by salt/honey by other housemate:(.

One night we went out for dinner:D for satay,not so special satay but i like it!

So that my normal life for January:)
Next is Febuary of the 2013!it not much of special thing,because one of the week is Chinese new year.As usual went back hometown at KB.Meet a lot of relatives,as expected,everyone don`t like me to take this CAT/FIA course,stating that it is waste of time..Whatever,I am the one who study and pay half of the fees NOT YOU!

Btw!before the Chinese new year,there is one special event in my room:D

a very cute and cute and fat bunny birthday/the day he came my house:D
I so glad MR T bought this for me,it size is just so nice for me to hug it whenever I feel sad and lonely:D bought a cheese cake a 2 cheese tart.and ofcourse me and Mr T ate it!

Two day after the bunny birthday~it was a gloomy sunday for me again.

A sunday with a 6 hour class,is really gloomy additional my friend absent during the day and it was a Theory class..I hate theory:(

Just few day before CNY,I bought this weird tomato juice from daiso in pavillion.
I bought 2,i finish one and another one my brother drank it.It taste like,you take a tomato/ketchup sauce,put in a shaker add in some plain water and shake...
Next is the CNY in KB..not much to write,no photo either..

Let stop here.sorry i can`t really write long long post.I just too lazy.
Will upload post as soon as possible.BTW this saturday will be first paper exam,wish me luck and sunday will have a event at sunway:D
Hope everything go well

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