Monday, January 28, 2013

Late report for CF !

ok! I am late to report about the previous event in malaysia-CF2012,my apologize.
Anyway,start here..
Due to all the working and personal issue,I did not cosplay much on this 2012.
So I only have two photoshoot which is Vocaloid-miki insanity,and the nico-nico point 5 the side character in pv.

But comic fiesta is a meaningful event for me in Malaysia,so no matter what happen , I will cosplay and attend this event!

So come to the day1, SOLO plan.
code geass,nunnally vi britannia ending pink colour dress ver
photo credit to photographer chia yee
 photo no 1

photo no 2

sorry if i fail this character,having insomnia day before event. too long did not attend event with cosplay I guess.
I changed back very soon around 6pm.Not enough sleep and suffer from the dry and sorrow eyes.

And come to the days two

from manga 1/2 prince,doll/ wawa first battle suit

 photographer: tommy cheong
 photographer: chia yee
 photographer: wai leong
Sorry the doll/wawa wig suppose to be brown but I make it orange.
Will get myself a brown wig for the next coming photoshoot with 1/2 prince group

I am not very satisfy with my both day cosplay.will try my best to improve them again!

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